What is Clasherstats?

Clasherstats.de gives you current statistics about players and Clans in Clash of Clans.
You can find statistics, rankings, ratings, war lists, etc, which you'll not find in CoC like Clan search by player level, which anyone misses.
With the new developed war organizing feature, you can organize your Clan wars with an automatic reservation system.

Clan search

Type in the Clan tag (character string with # at begin) or the Clan name.

Player search

Type in the player tag (character string with # at begin) or the player name.

Cw key

Please paste the key here, it will be shared by your Clan leaders for reservating attacks (6-digit).

our statistics


best clans

Clans Points Clan rating
1. - الاتحاد Saudi Arabia 61.988
2. - First Love Philippines 61.927
3. - Dr Mujtaba Pakistan 61.889
4. - قيصر البصره Iraq 61.848

best players

Players Trophies Max. trophies Rating
1. Cloud Rage Pie
(Kings Liberty)
6.406 6.450
2. twix
(࿐Mega Persia™)
6.404 6.404
3. Polad Nuriyev
6.388 6.401
4. ❤️Änânña❤️
(اتحاد العرب)
6.387 6.387

Do you search a new Clan?

In Clash of Clans, you can only search by trophies. This is not so good, because many good players farm in lower leagues. Just search via rankings a new Clan, which can be sorted by donations, Town Hall level, player level, win streak and many other criteria.

Do you want to know if an applicant meshes to your Clan?

No problem, just search the player above and see all his information. Beside the former Clans you also find e.g. his donation course as diagram. Just test it!

Automatic Cw system

Here you can reservate attacks together with your Clan members. Clasherstats.de shows fully automatic when an attack happens. Yes, you read right, a fully automated reservation system!

Historic statistics

Get statistics from the past.
- How many trophies did you have on 1st January?
- Who was at which time member of your Clan?
- How good is the new member in your Clan in fact?

All those information you can only find here.

Especially for German Clans, now also for all Clans world wide!

First, we had concentrated on German and German-speaking Clans.
Now, you find also a lot of information and statistics of non-German Clans, but rankings and other lists could be incomplete.

Clasherstats.de Rating

Give a quick review over a player :
- Does he donate well or is he just crounging?
- How strong is he in Clan war?
- How strong are his heroes?
- Is he loyal or just a jumper?

This and much more is visible in the Clasherstats.de rating!

Ask players by the Clan description to specify their Clasherstats.de rating when aplying. By doing this, you can directly see how good the player is.
Or just search the player in the search box above - fast and with up-to-date information.

What's Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a mobile game for iOS and Android. You build a village, attack other villages, play with and against other players and come together with your Clan to win Clan wars. If you want to join the millions, just download the App Store or Play Store.

Questions, ideas, wishes?

Just ask us in the thread on clashofclansforum.de